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Connection Resume Proxy Server Connection Resume is a proxy server optimized for mobile & wireless environments
Size: 2.1MB
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Internet reconnection automatic reconnection disconnection  
NET Reports Server - database add on connection NET Reports Server - Add on
Size: 1000 KB
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NET Reports Server - Client add on connection NET Reports Server - Add on
Size: 1000 KB
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Intel(R) PRO/1000 MT Server Connection Net driver
Size: form
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eDocPrinter PDF Pro Terminal Server Connection License
Size: -
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Microsoft Windows Media Services 4.0 & 4.1 Security Patch: 'Severed Windows Media Server Connection' If a connection to a server running the Windows Media Unicast Service was started, then severed, in a particular way, the service would ?leak? some of the resources that were allocated during the co
Size: 666K
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build Windows service Windows service  

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Size: 326 KB
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download Connect accelerate download accelerator  
Jana Server Jana Server - free proxy server providing Internet access via a single modem, ISDN or DSL connection
Size: 287K
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server connection proxy server karaoke DSL  
Paraben's Connection Manager Keep your Internet connection alive. Paraben's Connection Manager continually connects to servers to keep you from being kicked off of your connection. Locates and automatically answers Pop Up message
Size: 1019K
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FTPS Connection map connection connection mapper connection  
ICS Client/Server This client/server application pair is designed to allow you to control the active shared connection on your 'server' PC.
Size: 100 KB
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client server client server Server Control DIVX to MP4  
Etlin HTTP Proxy A server for Windows which allows you to share a web connection.
Size: 364.9 KB
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http proxy proxy HTTP tcp Server Connection  
Rdp Connect Store server connection information with this software.
Size: 4.7 MB
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grab store get Server Connection connection server  

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SpeedConnect Connection Tester Also, it provides a test server by Default and can be customized to test your connection with any other server. There are no limitations, this tool is distributed as freeware.
Size: 475 KB
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Test Tester FTPS Connection map connection  
RASVoter RASVoter is designed to enable users to share their dialup Internet connection within their LAN. The RASVoter server will automatically connect if requested by any client, and disconnect again if no c...
Size: 501.16K
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share connection RAS LAN share tweak modem connection  
Connection Resume Connection Resume is a proxy server optimized for mobile & wireless ennvironments where out of coverage area & reconnection is more frequent. Connection Resume is easy to deploy transparent proxy serv...
Size: 2.1 MB
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server proxy server proxy client-server application UDP  
HotSpot MWC Server Server owner can define their rates and Client users can optimize the connection ex. By cost. HotSpot MWC Server is a very useful solution for those who want to make some connection changes on their s...
Size: 1.34MB
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server sharing connect to internet connect wireless  
BD4 Soporte Network connection is compressed and encrypted. There are two connection types: direct and reverse. Direct connection is when the client connects to the server. Reverse connection is when the server c...
Size: 154.39K
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Interact interact server database interact interact library  
Selenium Server Selenium Server is a compact program that enables you to share files and folders through the Internet connection by creating a FTP or Web file server. The interface is easy to understand for any compu...
Size: 881 KB
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sql web server FTP Office Server network ftp server